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How to get a black screen front on a red iPhone 7

Video above: Zack Nelson shows you how to remove and replace the display on your (Product) Red iPhone 7.

Apple recently pulled the covers off new special-edition iPhones. The (Product) Red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models come in a vibrant red livery adorned with a white front, and a percentage of the profits from every device sold will go towards fighting AIDS.

While they’re undoubtedly beautiful iPhones, there are those who wish Apple offered the option of a black front instead, and believe this makes for an altogether sleeker and cooler combination. In response to this call several solutions have appeared. We bring you the best ways to get a black screen on your red iPhone.

You can buy the (Product)Red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus direct from Apple.

Replacing the entire front screen

The (Product) Red editions might only be available with white fronts, but black is a standard colour on the normal iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This means you can swap the display and its surroundings for a noir alternative, provided you have a spare device or wish to purchase a replacement screen online.

Of course, as you might have already guessed, this is a pretty drastic approach, and one that comes with considerable risk.

To remove the display you’ll need to use a heat gun to loosen the glue. Then there’s the small matter of avoiding the various tiny, but incredibly important, leads and cables as you pry off the screen. Oh, and you’ll probably compromise the waterproofing, and definitely void your warranty. But it can be done!

If you’re up for this major DIY project then we suggest you watch the video above which was created by Zack Nelson over at JerryRigEverything. It will take you step by step through the process so that hopefully you’ll end up with a rather spiffing looking black/red ensemble.

Cover the white surround with a black screen protector

A much easier solution is to buy a screen protector that has a coloured surround. These are plentiful, and options such as the MH Designs iPhone Screen Protector offer an easy way to transform the look of your device.

how to get a black screen on a red iphone

Simply line up the cover with the various apertures on the iPhone, stick it down, and not only is your screen now protected but your red device has a black front. The only downside is that the Home button will still be white, but it will at least match the Apple logo on the back.

Cover the front with a skin

If you don’t want to cover up the display on your shiny new iPhone 7 with a £10 piece of tempered glass, another option is to use a skin. These stickers are specially designed to cover the surrounding area on your device, making it easy to change the aesthetics without resorting to tiny screwdrivers. They’re also cheap, as this Brushed metal skin we found on Amazon goes for less than a fiver.

how to get a black screen on a red iphone

how to get a black screen on a red iphone

In truth decal skins can be a bit fiddly to apply, but if you’ve a steady hand and an empty swear box you should be ok.

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