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Best Black Friday PC Deals

If you’re looking for a new PC, upgrades to your existing rig, or just a few new accessories to complete your desk, there’s good odds you’re currently holding out for the best Black Friday deals to try and pick everything up at the lowest possible price.

Given they have a pretty high price in the first place, PCs tend to be a great bet for Black Friday offers, and with components constantly getting updated, there’s always a steady stream of last-year’s-models to pick up at discounted rates. That’s just as true for components like graphics cards and CPUs, and while you should expect smaller discounts on accessories like mice and keyboards, there are still savings to be had.

Best PC Black Friday deals

We still have a little while to wait for Black Friday 2017 to arrive on 24 November, though you can expect deals to start appearing earlier that week. In the meantime, we’ve gathered up the best PC deals that are live right now – and you can head to our deals site to find more of our curated picks.

What to expect

As we said above, computers are a pretty reliable place to expect decent Black Friday discounts, thanks to a combination of high initial prices and regular stock turnover.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need the absolute latest processor and graphics card – even for a serious gaming rig – as manufacturers will do everything they can to convince you to upgrade every year. Instead, look out for PCs and components from a year or two ago – they should still cope handily with even fairly demanding tasks, and you’ll get the combo of their normal price reduction with big Black Friday discounts.

More than with most things, it’s worth making sure you know how much a given component or PC setup is worth ahead of time – retailers love to advertise Black Friday reductions that aren’t quite as good as they appear, by quoting the initial RRP rather than a product’s most recent price. Plan what components you want – and how much they cost normally – in advance, and you can make sure you don’t get fooled by dodgy “discounts”.

The biggest discounts are likely to be on pre-built desktops and all-in-one computers (think iMacs, where the computer and the screen are built into the same unit). If you’re happy to build your own, or upgrade your existing setup, keep an eye on component sites though.

Since accessories like mice, keyboards and speakers tend to have lower RRPs, you can’t expect discounts to be as steep, but you could still find a few good savings, especially on older stock – you don’t mind having last year’s mouse, right?

Of course, it won’t end with Black Friday (or even really begin then). Deals will arrive throughout Black Friday week, and continue over the weekend to Cyber Monday on 27 November – and in some cases through to the end of the month, or even beyond into the Christmas season.

Best PC deals available now

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